The use of stem cells and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections could be an alternative to conventional surgical procedures for a variety of reasons including faster recovery with a high success rate and low health risks, low risk of rejection, cost-effective minimally invasive, and restricted to the areas that are affected. In this post, we’ll give a deeper explanation of the ways that stem cell therapy can provide you with a positive outcome.

What is the cost of regenerative therapies as compared to traditional surgical procedures?

Traditional surgeries can cost up to $60,000. which leaves those who are not insured or have high-deductible plans with a huge cost. Neogenix provides payment options that are less than a quarter of the cost of traditional surgeries that offer lower costs with lasting outcomes. The amount spent on orthopedic surgery has increased by 44 percent from 2010. Patients are seeking an affordable option.

NeoGenix’s first priority is and will always remain, the patients. With our patients in mind in these tough times, NeoGenix provides affordable interest-free payments for regenerative therapies and certain aspects of the treatment procedure can be covered by specific health insurance plans or HSA’s. We are committed to transparency from beginning to conclusion to ensure that patients are informed at all times. Healthcare and affordability haven’t always been mentioned in the same sentence. This is why we promise that we will work with every patient to ensure that the whole NeoGenix experience is enjoyable from check-in until the time of check-out.

Benefits and Time to Recover

The time required to recover from traditional surgery as compared to Regenerative options differs. How long will I be off work in order to recuperate? What time will the procedure last? What is the time frame in which I need to prepare? These are the most important concerns when considering treatment options. With our minimally-invasive procedures, it is possible to go in and out on within the next day, with recovery taking just a few days. A quick recovery means reduced work hours or everyday routines, which will save you time and money in the longer term. It is common for a procedure to last less than 1 hour. the majority of patients experience pain-free results within just a couple of weeks. It can mean the difference between being away from family and friends and living life to the fullest without the fear of discomfort or getting worsening symptoms.

PRP injections as well as stem cell therapy are regarded as safe, with the most common adverse effects ranging from slight soreness at the injection site and the affected regions. Studies have shown that there are minimal to no risks with alternative treatments such as the injections of PRP or stem cell therapies due to the natural method of using the patient’s cells and plasma to build the body. This leaves no chance of infection or allergic reaction to your body’s natural resources. The plasma’s proteins serve as an accelerator helping the body heal faster and restore damaged tissues.

Is Regenerative Medicine Procedures Successful Long-Term?

With Regenerative medicine, the most frequently asked question is: how long will the effects last? How many treatments are needed to experience lasting relief or full improvement? Just as each patient’s needs are different and unique, so are the demands that are needed to treat the problematic areas. The first step of the process is acquainted with the person you are as a patient through an initial consultation, in which you will be able for us to talk about the best treatment option for you. There is a chance that you will be completely relieved from just the treatment of those with minor injuries! Others who have more severe injuries or illnesses might require more frequent treatments. Through our treatments that require numerous procedures will notice the symptoms gradually improving with time, which will result in lower visits, and saving money in the long term.

NeoGenix strives to provide you with the tools you need to restore your strength and get back to pain-free living. In your complimentary consultation, you’ll discuss your objectives with Dr. Altizer and develop a beneficial program of treatment using state-of-the-art treatments for regenerative therapy that are customized to meet your needs for health. Our patients must feel secure at ease, secure, and ready to answer these crucial concerns regarding their health! NeoGenix is a safe unpretentious environment that offers the chance to address these questions using well-informed and scientific research that could help you find the relief you seek.

Get in touch with us now for a no-cost consultation to find out the possibility that Stem Cell Therapy with Neogenix will help you get away from the Operating Table and back to the pain-free lifestyle you desire within a matter of minutes.