Retain Movement With PT and Chiropractic Treatment

We have been serving people for more than 30 years. We founded our clinic back in 1974 and quickly earned a reputation among local residents as a reliable clinic that provided family-oriented care. Over those decades, we have grown and expanded to become an iconic name within its community.

At our physical therapy centers, we focus on treating your entire nervous and movement system for holistic physical wellness.

No matter your athletic ability or age, our physical therapists can assist you with all aspects of life. Our reputation in the community has been built through our commitment and dedication to clients – and we hope to continue serving this region for several more years to come!

Free consultations are provided to our clients so they can get to know us better and learn more about what we do. During these conversations, patients can speak directly to one of our experienced physical therapists about any concerns or issues they may be facing. Our aim is to give patients the tools and advice they need for long-lasting improvements outside the clinic.

Unfortunately, injuries can be demotivating for those without access to quality treatment. We take pride in their expertly selected team of therapists who treat a wide range of issues such as tendonitis, healing fractures and sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis – just to name a few!

At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive array of physical therapy services to support orthopaedic procedures. In addition to knee and hip joint replacement surgery, rotator Cuff repair, neurological PT (multiple sclerosis, gait training, stroke recovery), children’s PT for toe walking and developmental delays as well as specialized techniques like cupping dry needling or rocks tape are just some of what we offer.

Chiropractic Treatment for all Ages

Our staff regularly adjusts patients of all ages, making us the ideal choice to be your family chiropractor. Our staff can address back pain that’s an inconvenience, auto accident injuries and poor nutrition for clients of all ages – from infants to older family members. We treat clients of all ages from infants to seniors. Chiropractors offer relief to people of all ages. Our regular patients range in age from the youngest children to seniors; no matter your background or condition, chiropractic care can benefit everyone! From 20 year olds needing a break from physical strain and stress to older individuals requiring flexibility, an adjustment can mean the difference in being able to move with ease over the next week or not.