Maintaining A Great Smile As You Age And Relieving Stress With Sleep

Adults are the fastest-growing demographic for orthodontic specialists, and many patients who visit our office are adults. Thanks to advances in technology, adults can now get amazing results with adult braces or Invisalign in less time – no need for self-consciousness or embarrassment when visiting us! There’s no reason for you to feel embarrassed or ashamed when visiting us for your orthodontic needs!

Here are some reasons why older patients might require orthodontic treatment:

  • Crowding occurs when teeth cross, making them difficult to brush or floss properly.
  • An open bite is defined as having a significant gap between the top and bottom rows of teeth.
  • Crossbite (A Crossbite is when the upper row of teeth are not perfectly aligned with those on the bottom).
  • An overbite occurs when the upper jaw is significantly larger than the lower one, causing the top row of teeth to be higher than the bottom row.
  • An underbite is the opposite of an overbite, in which the bottom row protrudes over the upper rows of teeth. (Please be aware that in adult populations this kind of malocclusion may require surgical correction to address.)

If you’re dealing with any of these bite issues, our dentists will work together with you to determine the most effective course of treatment for your orthodontics. Plus, we offer complimentary teeth bleaching after every adjustment to make sure your smile shines bright! 

Cleaning teeth

No matter if your teeth are in great condition or not, we can help keep them that way by performing regular dental hygiene services. Our team of dental health specialists work with you to improve the state of your oral health and reduce fillings, cavities, mouth pain and tooth loss through regular cleaning services provided by our experienced dentists. Regular brushing and flossing have long-lasting benefits for overall benefit! With regular dental hygiene treatments performed by our professionals at no additional cost to you in the long run!

In addition to regular hygiene services, we provide deep cleaning sealants, debridements and fluoride treatments. If you qualify for any of these treatments during your appointment, we will inform you at that time. However, don’t hesitate to ask us about any particular requests that appeal to you.

Stress From Improper Rest Shows In Our Face. CPAP Is The Solution

The major advantage of CPAP therapy is that sleep apnea signs will typically not be present. With regular use, you can enjoy healthier cardiovascular health and lower the risk of strokes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Sleep Apnea is a common issue for those living with type 2 diabetes. CPAP therapy can help regulate insulin levels, helping to keep blood sugar stable.

Did you know sleep apnea can cause hearing loss due to its habit of snoring? People with this disorder have an 80-90% higher likelihood of experiencing hearing impairment. CPAP devices provide continuous pressure that stops snoring, so if you’re sharing a bed with someone else then snoring will no longer interfere with sleep quality – plus, everyone benefits since there’s less noise pollution around!

If you don’t feel these are sufficient, consider the long term health of your body. Sleep apnea, if not treated, could lead to illnesses requiring hospitalization; thus, CPAP saves money and gives you more time with family and friends.