Elective Services To Help Beat Aged Looks

Stem cells are essential to life, found throughout all tissues in our bodies. While some scientists believe that as we age, the balance between tissue breakdown and new tissue growth shifts gradually – leading to tissue deterioration and age spots on our faces and body parts. Skin replaces itself every 30 days; blood cells rotate through our system every four months; and intestinal mucous layer gets shed daily in small amounts before being replaced completely within one month – all for a reason!

Remove Saggy Skin With Weight Loss

Medical weight loss specialists use different methods than commercial programs to help you control your weight. Your body’s metabolism and structure (particularly the percentage of fat) are used as reliable indicators for progress in weight loss; not just some vague visual or anything that fluctuates similarly as weight does.

Second, medical weight loss specialists can prescribe healthy diets with low calories to help you shed pounds and break the cycle of eating disorders. If necessary, your physician may provide an appetite suppressant. Furthermore, medical weight loss specialists evaluate how much weight loss you achieve as well as take into account any medical conditions that could interfere with progress towards weight loss goals. Your primary physician might work together with the weight loss specialist to identify safe solutions that remove barriers.

Promoting Heart Health

We are passionate about providing top-notch cardiovascular risk treatment and work to address and prevent its causes for our patients. As an internist, our doctor’s primary focus is on treating and preventing all cardiovascular risk factors. With his vast knowledge and genuine concern for each patient, he can offer the highest standard of healthcare with genuine concern and dedication.

Mental Health Therapy

The standard treatment for anxiety and depression begins with CBT (Cognitive Psychotherapy), which has a high success rate. Through CBT, you’ll learn to identify your negative beliefs about yourself and replace them with positive ones; ultimately leading to improved feelings about yourself as well as what the future holds.

We utilize DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). It teaches many skills such as mindfulness and distress tolerance that are highly beneficial to those suffering from anxiety and depression. Mindfulness helps shift your focus away from depressing thoughts to the present moment, while DBT teaches how to cope with distress effectively; this makes you more tolerant of mood swings and painful emotions while helping prevent actions which aggravate those feelings