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With all the words we are hearing today about how bad our water is, and companies offering everything from simple filters to sophisticated water systems for the whole house, it's a wonder that we can separate the chafe from the wheat as the saying goes. But, it is a fact the water we drink (and the food we eat) are not the most wholesome. With most city water supplies loaded with chlorine and fluoride (both "killers' of the human system) and what else "they" are putting into our water, it's tough to determine just where to go and what to do with regard to having clear, cool, wholesome water for our body systems.

Perhaps you thought reverse osmosis, or filtered water was the best? But, have you viewed under a microscope what these waters look like? Probably not, because most of us take it for granted our municipal water systems are providing just what we need. THINK AGAIN! This subject is more important than you may think, because what we drink can kill us in the end, and until we reach that end, make life very miserable for us in the way of premature aging, cellular dehydration, and a host of other possible ailments.

Did You Know that:

  • The body is approximately 70% water by weight,...
  • with 99.5% of all molecules being water,...
  • with our brain being 74% water,...
  • our blood being 83% water,...
  • our bones being 22% water,...
  • our kidneys being 82% water,...
  • and our muscles being 75% water?
  • 10 billion molecules fit onto the head of a pin...

Quotes from Scientists:

"The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever." Dr. Alexis Carrell, Nobel prize winner.

"Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of all life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world." Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgy, Nobel prize winner.

In the human body, there are two basic types of water (bio-water): Bound water and Clustered water. Clustered water is able to move freely through the cell walls and is necessary to transport nutrients, remove waste, and maintain proper communication between the cells.

Bound water, on the other hand, is water that becomes physically bound to other molecular structures and is unable to move freely through the cell walls. When we are young, our bodies contain a high level of clustered water and very little bound water. However, as we age, bound water becomes more predominant and clustered water levels decrease, hindering the effectiveness of literally thousands of metabolic functions and causing significant structural changes in our body’s tissues.

Clustered water molecules are organized into compact, geometric ringed shapes that look like snowflakes when they are frozen. Billions of these molecular snowflake shapes bind themselves together in a watery world that looks and behaves far different from the tap water or spring waters that all of us drink. This organized water is important because it is more efficient than other waters. It is more mobile.

We are able to think, run, work and play because of all the remarkable tasks our cells perform. From the day you are born, truckloads of nutrients and vital compounds, such as oxygen, are being delivered to each of your cells. Each cell uses the delivered nutrients to deliver, for instance, energy for you to use. Waste and byproducts must be separated and disposed of. And what delivers needed nutrients to the cells, and what manages the production of energy, and what removes the waste? WATER! And the water that performs these tasks most efficiently and with the greatest speed is clustered.

The efficiency and speed of Clustered water is due to the design and shape of the water molecules and the design shape of the cell itself. Small hexagonal water clusters, fit into and through the hexagonal channels in the cell membrane and inside the cell. When we are young, we have high concentrations of this highly structured water. As we grow older and as we are subjected to stress, contaminants, free radicals, air pollution, etc., we actually begin to dehydrate (thus those wrinkles). At the same time our God given geometric cell water begins to destabilize, it loses its efficient shape, and unwelcome compounds become bound to the water molecules.


Two reasons: First, the idea is to replenish the body with the special, small ringed water with which we were born, to allow nutrients to flow easily to every cell in the body. Second, to enhance "cell communication" to allow the resonant transfer of vital information between cells at an optimal rate. According to the experts, water plays a significant role in transmitting information throughout the body through the cells. The DNA in each of our trillions of cells is constantly transmitting information at lightening speed via resonant frequencies. And, most interestingly, the core of each DNA double helix is a column of water clusters. In addition, copious amounts of water are organized in multiple layers at the surface of intracellular structural proteins and membranes.

Because of the role played by this highly organized water within the cell, cells possess individual and cooperative resonant patterns that change with age, and vary relative to metabolic efficiency. Clustered water has been demonstrated to enhance cellular patterns which can be "tuned" producing beneficial effects on tissue and organ homeostasis. Following are only a few of the benefits of clustered water:

  • Enhances cellular hydration. (Good health depends on high cellular hydration.)
  • Energizes cells, bringing physical energy and greater mental clarity.
  • Helps maintain the integrity of the core DNA molecule which is filled with clustered water.
  • Enhances removal of toxins and acidic waste from cells.
  • Produces a healthy, alkaline bio-terrain in the cells and tissues.
  • Diseases cannot live in an alkaline environment.
  • Improves cell to cell communications throughout the body for healing and repair.
  • Enhances oxygen and nutrient transport and absorption.
  • Empowers cells and tissues to repair themselves and generate energy.
  • Its inherent resonance lifts mind and body to a higher vibratory rate.
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Response to Skeptics:

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."
- Chinese Proverb



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