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Vinpocetine improves brain energy and blood supply and has been used as a preventative and as a treatment for stroke and other brain injury. It acts as a cerebral metabolic activator, which may improve cerebral circulation and enhance oxygen and glucose utilization in the brain. Vinpocetine may diminish, or reduce, disturbances due to hypoxia, or to deficient cerebral metabolism. It has been noted to improve oxygen and glucose utilization by brain cells and increase their resistance to damage by hypoxia.

Vinpocetine's anti-aging benefits may include prevention and treatment of stroke and other brain injuries, improved aged conditions caused by poor brain blood circulation, particularly eyesight and hearing, improved concentration, treatment and alleviation of the problems of menopause and increased potential life span.

Pharmacology: Synonyms: AY-27255; Ethyl Apovincaminate; Ethyl Apovincaminoate; Chemical Name: Ethyl (3alpha,16alphaeburnamenine-14-carboxylate. Molecular Formula: C(22)H(26)N(2) O(2) Molecular Weight: 350.5 CAS Registry: 42971-09-5.

Side Effects and Contraindications: Side effects are rate, but may include nausea, eruption and individual hypersensitivity. Patients thought to be in complete homeostasis after cerebral hemorrhage should avoid Vinpocetine. Although only applicable to high doses, if hypersensitive signs occur, discontinue use.

Distribution: Vinpocetine is available in 1mg, 5mg and 10mg tablets under the trade names Cavinton, Remedial, and Vincaton.

Note: Vinpocetine shows many of the positive signs of a preventative medication.

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