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Sometimes also spelled Pikamilon or Pikamilone, this is a Russian developed nootropic. It is in essence Niacin (vitamin B3) bonded to GABA. Studies have shown that it rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier, however its effects are much greater and broader than just taking a GABA and Niacin supplement.

Picamilone increases the rate of intracranial and cortex blood circulation and has been cited as a better vasodilator than either Hydergine, Vinpocetine or Xanthinol Nicotinate.

The combination acts as a mild stimulant, yet depresses aggression. This could be the clear actions of Niacin and GABA (after all diazepam's such as Valium® increase or enhance the activity of GABA). But, Picamilone has a tranquilizing effect, without a sedative effect but actually with an element of stimulatory action.

Picamilone is also known to have a mild reversible MAO-A inhibition and thus indicates an anti-depressant quality too.

Other Russian studies with Picamilone show it to improve patients with a mild to moderate memory impairment, emotional, hearing and speech difficulties. Furthermore, Picamilone has reduced migraine or headache pain and aided in alcohol withdrawal. One study showed an improvement for patients suffering from an eye disorder called pigmented retinal abiotrophy (PRA) after 10 days.

Most improvements are noted quickly, often within a week of continuous treatment, and studies show that Picamilone has very low toxicity, with few side effects. Picamilone may be synergistic with other nootropic drugs (such as Lucidril and Piracetam), therefore always remember to reduce overall dosages in order to avoid headaches, nausea and vertigo.

At high dosages, seek your physician's advice if combining with potent vasodilators such as Ginko Biloba, Nicergoline, Vinpocetine or Xanthinol Nicotinate).

Also, due to its mild reversible MAO-A inhibition, at high dosages, without your physician’s advice avoid combination with other MAO-A drugs including Deprenyl and Gerovital-H3 and general anti-depressants (such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft etc.).

Dosages are 50mg or 100mg once, twice or maximum three times daily with occasional breaks.

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