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Conjunctisan A

A product specifically designed to treat aging eye disorders such as cataracts, Conjunctisan A contains natural lysates, which purport to improve eye conditions by stimulating the natural healing and repair processes. Regular, longer use of conjunctisan A may improve eyesight in cataract sufferers, as well as myopia.

Conjunctisan A's anti-aging potential benefits include treatment and prevention of cataracts, improvement of eye irritation due to environmental factors, and general improvement of aging eye deterioration due to macular degeneration, opacity of the lens, retina changes and degenerative eye complaints.

Pharmacology: This product contains a plethora of bovine origin macromolecular organ factors from corresponding eye sections. Each liquid capsule contains; 0.2ng bulb.oc. fet., 0.05ng lenx, 0.1ng fet. Vessels, 0.15ng placenta fet., 0.05pg retina, 0.05pg optic nerve, 0.1pg choroid, 0.1pg hyaloid body, 0.05pg cerebral cortex, 0.05pg diencephalon, as well as the pharmaceutical substances 0.074ug deslanoside C, 5ug aesulin and 5ug sodium dodecyl sulfate, 4 percent glycerol ad 0.5ml saline (0.7 percent).

Side Effects and Contraindications: No known side effects or contraindications reported by manufacturer.

Distribution: VitOrgan of Germany distributes Conjunctisan A in 0.5 ml liquid droppers.

Notes: Considered to be homeopathic. When used continuously for 4 to 6 weeks, some users may benefit from improved vision; after that period it is important to continue a maintenance program in order for the condition not to regress.

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