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Dosage And Frequency

When it comes to the administration of medical ozone, there is a wide difference of opinion amongst doctors regarding concentration, dosage and frequency:

  • Dr. Carpendale said that a medium concentration is necessary to kick-start the immune system initially, followed by lower concentrations. He believes that continued high concentrations may be immuno-suppressive, based on his experience with T-4 cell counts.
  • Dr. Turska recommended injections at low concentrations, initially three times per week, then twice per week, then weekly for as long as necessary.
  • Dr. Beyrle recommends injection every four days at medium concentration.
  • Dr. Wang gives daily injections at medium concentration and direct injection into breast tumors.
  • Dr. Freibott recommends very high concentrations at low dosages, with the emphasis on saturating the blood, using rectal insufflation.
  • Dr. Sartori reports good success with AIDS with high concentrations and very high dosages, every hour for 12 hours per day, for 21 days.
  • Dr. Rilling's classic "The Use of Ozone in Medicine" gives many recommendations on dosage and concentration.
The important thing to remember is that all physicians report good results, regardless of concentration or volume used. Ozone is not a drug, and should not be treated as such.

There is no evidence that long term treatment on a daily basis has any detrimental effect. Doctors who have used it for decades have only positive results to report. Ozone is non-toxic and provides the safest medical therapy ever devised. There is no evidence of free radical damage. On the contrary, ozone has been proven to stimulate the production of superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase, and reductase, which are the enzymes that protect the cell from free radical damage, so ozone actually prevents free radical damage.

It is known that Vitamin C is antagonistic to ozone, although research has shown ozone does not break down Vitamin C in the body. Persons taking megadoses of Vitamin C should take the ozone treatment first, wait one hour, and then take the Vitamin C.

If direct injection is the method of application chosen, the rate of injection should be very slow, about 5 cc per minute. There is no risk of embolism, as only nitrogen forms a dangerous gas bubble. If coughing results from too much ozone being injected too quickly, the reaction can be halted by drinking one or two glasses of orange juice. This will quickly stop the ozone outgassing in the lungs through the action of the Vitamin C. The patient will be more comfortable and will retain a positive attitude towards the therapy.

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