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The Importance Of Ct Value

The Measure Of Oxidative Work Done

Flow Rate Concentration Time Total Volume Total Ozone C x T Value
l/m ug/ml min ml ug
1/32 30 32 1000 30,000 960
1/16 30 16 1000 30,000 480
1/8 30 8 1000 30,000 240
1/4 30 4 1000 30,000 120
1/2 30 2 1000 30,000 60

Concentration X Time = CT Value

Ozone has been used to clean water for the people in big cities for over 100 years. The water engineers have a value that they use to measure the effectiveness of ozone in cleaning water. This is the CT value. It is a product of concentration x time (C x T). This information has been overlooked by the medical fraternity. The time that ozone is in contact with human tissue is of great importance. Ozone therapy has only considered concentration and total volume of ozone, and has ignored the time factor.

When doing rectal insufflation, if the concentration is 45 ug/ml, and the length of time of exposure is 2 minutes, the CT value will be 45 x 2 = 90. If however, the exposure time is 16 minutes, the CT will be 45 x 16 = 720. A higher CT value is a more desirable figure, because more oxidation work can be done. In order to be able to lengthen the time of exposure, it is necessary to have a very low flow rate. The ozone industry has generally rated its equipment with a flow rate of 1/2 liter/minute. However, by using a regulator producing a flow rate of 1/32 liter/minute, it is possible to get exposure times of 30 minutes. Since ozone concentration in general is inversely proportional to flow rate, the lowest flow produces the highest concentration. For example, at 1/32 liter/minute, our Beta generator produces 50 ug/ml. Rectal insufflation for 30 minutes will produce a CT value of 50 x 30 = 1500. There is a clear advantage to low flow rate insufflation, and it also reduces the problem of cramping.

There is also the added benefit of very low oxygen usage. Remember that oxygen by itself does not produce the therapeutic effects of ozone. The patient often needs to have a series of colonics before beginning insufflation, and an enema before each insufflation. The person taking rectal insufflation should also take quality acidophilus, or yogurt.

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