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Plasmafire Glass Tube

In 1993, my partner and I were shown a Tesla ozone generator from the 1920s, which operated on air. With that basic idea as a guide, we were able to perfect Tesla's design using pure oxygen as the source, producing the highest quality medical ozone generator available. Since then, over 3000 of these all-glass Plasmafire tubes have been sold, and none has ever failed. The advantage of this system is its inherent longevity and the absolute purity of the O2/O3 output stream. There are no metallics of any kind, therefore there is no possibility of contamination, or of the tubes shorting out. The tubes can run continuously without fan cooling, even when run 24 hours per day, which we do as we make ozonated olive oil gel (Nature's Gift). Many competitors claim to have all glass generators, but we are the only manufacturer of medical ozone generators with true cold plasma tubes. This technology tolerates an accidental entry of water into the tube without burning out. If this happens, simply run oxygen through the tube until it dries out.

The cold plasma technique has its own idiosyncrasies, one of which is its maximum concentration (about 70 ug/cc). It is interesting to note that the strongest response by the immune system (the production of interleukin-2 and gamma interferon) occurs with ozone concentrations of 30 - 55 ug/cc (The Use of Ozone in Medicine - Rilling and Viebahn, 1987). Tesla's instinct about cold plasma being the best method of ozone production for medical use has now been verified in modern times.

Another cold plasma trait is its slower buildup time and its sensitivity to flow rate. We take advantage of this sensitivity by using a precision click-stop regulator, which allows the home user to set a flow rate of 1/32 liters per minute (1/32 l/m) to attain the highest (safe) concentration. This is perfectly adapted to insufflation. Upon insertion and engaging the generator, a low concentration is being produced. As time passes, the concentration slowly increases, allowing the body to adjust and absorb the maximum amount of ozone. Within three minutes, the plasma field is fully established, with the generator producing at its maximum concentration, and the body is able to absorb the ozone at the rate it is entering. With this technique, people are doing rectal insufflations that last 15 - 20 minutes and vaginal insufflation for 15 - 45 minutes. In the ear, 5 - 15 minutes is sufficient.

Reliability and cleanliness have always been problems for ozone generator manufacturers. It is easy and cheap to make an ozone generator; however, building a generator that produces clean ozone and lasts a lifetime is not easy, and not cheap. We believe that with our products we have achieved this goal. We therefore confidently offer a Lifetime Warranty on our unique Plasmafire electrostatic cold plasma ozone generators.

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