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Chronological Ozone Medical References
Abbreviated List With A Concentration On Successful Aids Research

1990 Jan 24 The Canadian National Defence Headquarters wrote to Health and Welfare Canada Bureau of Biologics, "Ozone Therapy in AIDS / project #231, Summary of Findings." Significant positive response in CD4 counts. No detrimental effects on absolute CD4 counts. "Contrasted with the control
samples which quickly became (highly) positive for HIV-1...These data clearly demonstrate that no HIV-1 activity was detectable in any of the ozone-treated samples.It would appear that this form of therapy constitutes a potent means of inactivating HIV-1 in contaminated blood supplies, and may also provide a means for patient specific "autovaccination" in selected cases." They strongly asked for more funding to continue the research.

1990 Experimental Chemotherapy 1990;36:147-154 "In vitro Synergistic Activity of 5-Fluorouracil with Low-Dose Ozone against a Chemoresistant Tumor Cell Line and Fresh Human Tumor Cells" "Our results indicate that ozone in combination with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) makes a 5-FU resistant cell line susceptible for the combined treatment modality. Furthermore, ozone acts
synergistically or at least additive to chemotherapy in different tumor cell suspensions, derived from the breast and the colon."

1990 April-May University of Bologna Italy department of optical physiology publishes in Panminerva Medica"Effects of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy on Age Related Retinal Macular Degeneration" "The majority of patients showed an improvement of their ocular condition."

1990 Haematologica, 1990 75:510-5, famous European Medical Journal publishes the work of Velio Bocci and Luana Paulesu "Studies On the Biological Effects of Ozone 1. Induction of Interferon On Human Leucocytes." sponsored by grants from the Italian Ministry of Education. "...ozonation of blood is a medical procedure followed in several countries for treatment of
viral diseases... we feel that the exploration of the effects of ozone on PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) has opened a new field of investigation that may yield useful results both in biological and practical terms. Ozone or its reactive oxygen species may act mainly via the stimulation of PBMC and release of lymphokines. The hypothesis can be made that ozone could lead
to the release of tumor necrosis factor (TNF), interleukins (Ils) and IFN (interferon, a powerful antiviral protein with immunomodulatory activities could produce some benefits in patients with viral diseases)." (See the rest of the study 1991, Nov 5th)

1991 Susan M. Lark, M.D. Los Altos, CA sends Ed McCabe a draft copy of her article entitled "Ozone and Its Uses In Medical Therapy". She reviewed the reseach studies on ozone therapy and concluded "the studies find bennefit in the clinical use of ozone for a varitey of conditions with a minumum of side
effects." She told Ed "After a decade of product development/research with oxidative modalities, I have found ozone/oxygen therapy to be one of the most powerful and effective therapeutic modalities I have ever worked with."

1991 March, Proceedings of the 10th World Ozone Conference in Monaco " The efficacy of O2/O3 Low Pressure Application In Badly Healing Wounds" Horst Werkmeister - Former head of the Radiography Department, Lutheran Hospital, Oberhausen Germany. "There is little inconvenience to the patient, ozone is not capable of engendering further damage, and produces a
significant stimulation of wound healing in a large number of cases due to its disinfectant and pronouncedly hyperemizing effect. If applied early enough, it is often able to prevent the development of large lesions. The unprejudiced presentation of wound developments following the application of ozone/oxygen
gas treatment on the basis of measurement values given above has the aim of encouraging a wider and more frequent application of this method as it has shown its efficacy in many severely affected patients."

1991 March, Proceedings of the 10th World Ozone Conference in Monaco "Resolution of Intractable Diarrhea of Unknown Etiology in Patients With AIDS Treated by Medical Ozone - A pilot study." Ozone rectal insufflation stops AIDS patients' diarrhea.

1991 Apr Erfahrungsheilkunde Vol 40, No. 4 "Ozone Therapy - The underlying Therapeutical Concept And Models Of Efficacy." Renate Viebahn-Hansler "Due to its very specific reaction, medical ozone, as a pharmaceutical agent, has an accurately defined range of efficacy... According to the dosage and concentration range, we make use of the different properties of ozone, i.e.:
its germicidal action (by oxidative destruction), its inability to inactivate microorganisms, and its restitutional effect (at a low concentration range). This involves three major indications: external ulcers and severe skin lesions, diseases of viral and bacterial origin, and arterial circulatory disturbances. The restitutional effect of ozone can be understood via its oxidative influence on the oxygen metabolism, the induction of specific enzymes and the activation of
immunocompetent cells.

In a major breakthrough for U.S. medical thinking, three years after the study concluded, the ozone\HIV work of M.D.'s Wells, Latino, Galvachin, & Poiesz is published in a well respected U.S. peer reviewed medical journal. Their article:

"Inactivation Of HIV Type 1 by Ozone In Vitro" appears in "Blood Journal, Volume 78 Number 7, Oct 11, 1991, pg. 1882" describing the research coordinated by Dr. Bernard Poiesz from Syracuse State University of New York Research Hospital. They performed 15 replications of an ozone study that interfaced ozone with HIV infected factor 8 blood. The ozone completely
removed the HIV virus from the blood 97 to 100% of the time, yet was non-toxic to normal healthy blood components. Ed McCabe announced this study back in 1988, in his "Oxygen Therapies" book.

1991 OCT Dr. Michael T. Carpendale M.D. Veteran's Administration Hospital, San Francisco, & Joel Freeberg M.D., UC Medical School San Francisco, Bay Medical Research Foundation, San Francisco, publish in The Journal of Antiviral Research 1991; Volume 16 Number 3 :281-292 the following medical paper:

"Ozone Inactivates HIV At Noncytotoxic Concentration" HIV (p24) was reduced in all ozone treated cultures compared to controls."

Dr. Carpendale also privately published "Ozone Treated HIV+ patient Becomes PCR Negative", the stories of two ozone rectal insufflation using AIDS patients - one who became PCR-.

1991 Dr. Robert Mayer (using ozone over 50 years, since the forties) has late stage AIDS patients in his research center clinical study some who only have a count of 5 T cells. Normal is 600-1500+. Although they have a count of only 5 T cells, they are completely healthy. In a hope indicating development, local FDA office told Dr. Mayer to go ahead and use ozone, as long as he only makes it himself in his own office with his own self manufactured machine.

1991 A brave humanitarian U.S. M.D. (Dr. J.B., ret.) in a southern state comes forward with his secret clinical ozone/hyperbaric therapy results. All his testing was performed at a major hospital and within independent labs. Out of 248 HIV POSITIVE patients he reported bringing 113 to HIV NEGATIVE, each
within 60 Days, using ozone autohemotherapy immediately followed by hyperbaric therapy.

1991 Publication: The use of ozone-treated blood in the therapy of HIV infection and immune disease - a pilot study of ozone safety and efficacy. "AIDS" 5:981-984. G. Garber, D Cameron, N Hawley-Foss, D Greenway and M. Shannon.

This is the study the detractors of ozone like to quote to falsely try and prove it doesn't work. In an early Canadian establishment attempt to see if there is any validity to ozone, and to see if it was safe, a poorly designed and executed
protocol was used in a pilot study by well meaning but unexperienced practitioners. The trial was sponsored by the Ottawa General Hospital Infectious Disease Division, Canadian Health and Welfare, Canadian Federal Center For AIDS, Department Of National Defence, and The Meuller Medical Company of Canada.

Comment: Poorly designed because the study only gave 10cc's of ozone into a muscle (dismissed by Aubourg in 1938 as too painful and ineffective), not I.V., and not enough to do any good, and not for a long enough time period. How are you going to clean up the 100 plus pounds of water that humans are by putting 10cc's into a muscle only three times a week? The daily environmental
toxic load intake on the body alone would quickly negate any benefit, let alone the stress of a disease like AIDS!

Poorly executed because during the second half of the too short study, the principals admitted the ozone machine had broken, and wasn't producing any ozone, yet they ignored this fact when they wrote up the second phase of the study!

So, they used a protocol that any serious practitioner would laugh at, and based their conclusions upon false data. They then compounded their errors by seriously overstepping their boundaries and wrongly making the unjustified broad pronouncement that "Ozone therapy does not enhance parameters of
immune activation nor does it diminish measurable p24 antigen in
HIV-infected individuals."

The tragedy of allowing such studies to be published, and such pronouncements to be made, is that this false conclusion is often repeated by the FDA to our elected representatives while they ignore the thousands of studies that show ozone does work. This intellectual dishonesty is used to politically justify barring further real research that would eliminate suffering and
save lives.

1991 Nov 5th Lymphokine and Cytokine Research Vol 10, Number 5, 1991 publishes "Studies on the Biological Effects of Ozone: 2. Induction of Tumor Necrosis Factor on Human Leucocytes, Luana Paulesu, Enrico Luzzi, and Velio Bocci. "Because ozonation of blood is a procedure followed in several European countries for the treatment of viral diseases and tumors, the release of factors with antiviral and immunomodulatory activities by leukocytes may explain the mechanism of action of ozone and of autohemotherapy." The "ozone concentration is critical in terms of TNF production and of cell mitogenesis. Owing to the presence of erythrocytes, higher concentrations are required to be effective in blood than in PBMC."

1991 Dec Dr. Robert Mayer joins the doctors reporting patients sero-converted to HIV NEGATIVE through use of ozone autohemotherapy.

1991 Major northeast area university scientist in conjunction with BSME engineer/researcher J.W. (names withheld by request to prevent being closed down by big money interests) undertaking two year plus microbe group eradication study using ozone equipment. Reporting 100% kill in vitro in 20 studies completed. Ft. Lauderdale police sergeant associated with FL
Wainwright case phones one of the researchers & warns them, "You
will be part of a criminal conspiracy if you continue to study ozone's effectiveness."

1991 Medizone ozone company negotiating with Canadian Armed Forces to commence 2 1\2 million dollar ozone research study to commence in 1992, comprised of animal studies, blood sterilization studies, human trials, the works.

1992 Jan Captain Michael Shannon, Deputy Surgeon General for the
Canadian Naval Forces has 350 scientists under him. He is commencing a 2 1/2 million dollar ozone medical research study that will including blood sterilization, animal trials, and more. The Canadian Government realized that if a major event occurs, their army's blood supply would be inadequate in its
present condition. He states "With thousands of people going to Europe yearly at a considerable cost to get this treatment - there must be something to it."

1992 May 8th Associated Press: Dr. Wayne Jonas, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Testifies before the North Carolina legislative panel. "Requiring that current medical practices be based on solid scientific evidence is building our house on a rock. Requiring that such practices be 'prevailing' is building
that house on sand. What is prevailing in medical practice shifts with the wind of opinion and the tide of profit."

1992 June Author Ed McCabe begins working closely with former U.S. Congressman Berkeley Bedell. They decide to have Ed invited to testify before the newly-created National Institute of Health's Office of Unconventional Medicine. He testifies that, "Due to the many interviews I have conducted, it is my opinion that the AIDS problem has been solved. If immunity from state, and federal, and agency, and medical board prosecution could be assured, these humanitarian doctors would gladly make available their knowledge for the public good. I stand ready to do the same. They don't even need your money, they'll fund it themselves. If we can get ozone doctors immunity from
prosecution, within 90 days the only thing left to do would be to implement the existing solution."

Ed and Berkeley decided that they need an MD to be there as well, and chose Dr. John Pittman from North Carolina to represent the ozone using doctors undergoing political harassment. Dr. Pittman told his story of being closed down even though the therapy was working.

1992 June Ed McCabe and Dr. John Pittman meet with Dr Killian, Deputy Director of the NIH's N.I.A.I.D. (AIDS institute). He and his assistant were very enthusiastic about ozone once they saw the proof they were brought that ozone was successful in treating AIDS patients. Later, upon follow up, they were very
closed mouthed, without enthusiasm, and acted like they never heard a word they were told.

1992 Bolton, A. "Report on Scientific Studies to Elucidate "Ozon-O-Med" Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease" Intermune Life Sciences, Etobicoke, Ontario, 1992

1992 July Ed McCabe went to Washington on July 22nd, 1992. The trip was made after setting up private meetings with 2 U.S. Congressmen to coincide with the meeting that former Iowa Congressman Berkly Bedell and Ed McCabe had set up on the same day with U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, the former Presidential Candidate.

Mr. Bedell and Mr. McCabe decided to invite 2 doctors that had each brought a patient from HIV+ to HIV-. They also invited Jim Caplan, the man responsible for convincing the Cubans to approve medical ozone therapy for general use, and Dr. John Pittman, an ozone using doctor, and one of his recently denied treatment AIDS patients. Dr. Pittman's office was closed down by the North Carolina state medical board in the middle of successful clinical ozone trials due to "ozone not being FDA approved." They visited the Congressmen, were warmly received at each meeting, and ended up in turn at Senator Harkin's office for our meeting with him, where they were joined at this point by Dr.
Michael Carpendale and his boss from the San Francisco Veterans
Administration Hospital.

Senator Harkin scheduled us for only a 1/2 hour meeting, but he was so intrigued by our proof that we discussed ozone successfully treating AIDS with him for one and one half hours. He immediately decided to set up a meeting between us and the NIH's (National Institute of Health) Institute of Allergy and
Infectious Diseases Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci. The AIDS "problem" comes under the jurisdiction of this institute, and Dr. Fauci has been referred to as the U.S. Government's "AIDS Czar." Senator Harkin is on the NIH appropriations committee, so he has their ear.

1992 Aug On August 20th we met in NIH's building 31 wing 7A room 24 with Dr. Fauci and his boss Deputy NIH Director Dr. Moskowitz. Also present were Dr. Hill, Dr. Killan, and other legislative and legal aides. Mike Hall and Marina Metallios were there to observe for Senator Harkin's Office. About 30 people attended.

We presented our two ozone treated patients who no longer were HIV+, and no longer had fevers, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, pain, night sweats, weight loss, or any other manifestation of the AIDS/ARC disease. We handed Dr. Fauci and the others copies of their medical documentation, and they listened to Doctor Carpendale and one other doctor and their former AIDS patients.
Dr. Latino from Medizone spoke of the flawless ozone animal trials that had already been done by Medizone. Dr. Pittman and one of his patients made emotional pleas for the open medical use of ozone so he could finish his clinical ozone trials. I asked for the same, gave them a brief 50 year history of the effectiveness of medical ozone on hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, and cited ozone's perfect safety record in millions of dosages. We made a sound, experienced, documented, and reasonable case for the immediate investigation of ozone's effectiveness in treating AIDS successfully. I also asked if anything could be done to influence the FDA to halt its
suppressions of ozone-using M.D.'s. We were told that the NIH had no power over the FDA.

Comment: Picture this. Here's our small but dedicated group gathered at a round table with the U.S. Government's official AIDS policy makers. Around the outside of the table are aides, secretaries, assistants, and division chiefs. There were no big corporations funding us, as is usually the everyday case at
these meetings. Although the NIH people only had to walk down the hall to be there, we all had to take time out from work and pay our own considerable travel, hotel, and meal expenses. We came from all over the country simply to help our fellow countrymen dying from AIDS. We were sitting right there at the
table with two now perfectly healthy former AIDS patients testing HIV negative - one PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction - a test for any of the seven nucleotides of the HIV virus itself) negative, and one Western Blot/Elisa (HIV antibody presence) negative. We were sitting there with the examples and their records showing complete eradication of all secondary diseases, their actual doctors, a politically harassed-doctor and his patient who can't get the treatment, and several thick notebooks of ozone medical references from the U.S. and Europe.

What answer did we get? "We see no reason to pursue this." Let me repeat that: "We see no reason to pursue this." And, "They are obviously so healthy that they must not have had the disease." And, "We won't look at this treatment unless you have the patients PCR tested twice before treatment proving the
presence of the HIV virus, stored blood from when they were positive, two PCR tests during treatment, and two PCR tests after ozone treatment proving the absence of the virus." What a reply from an institution funded by our tax dollars to find a cure for AIDS while people suffer and tragically slowly waste away. Not exactly encouraging was it? The weight of evidence sitting right there was enough to immediately investigate ozone, without adding all the new requirements on. The NIH has billions of dollars, and they could have done
something after all we went through, you would think they could have at least made some phone calls to other doctors and patients as a goodwill gesture, but to only say in effect, "Go home"? Even though they did give us a clearly defined goal to shoot for, I couldn't help feeling that the goal line was just
moved way back.

Analysis: Here's the problem with the current NIH reasoning:

1. Although they said they were unknowledgeable about the FDA's history of seizing ozone machines, harassing ozone using doctors, and forcing doctors to falsely claim ozone as worthless, they did hear me tell them of all this and how hard it was to get any doctors to show up at all to testify and present evidence to them. How can anyone conduct open trials on this beneficial treatment if the FDA will close them down as soon as they open the doors?

2. Promoting the unproven "HIV causes AIDS" scenario, they want 6 PCR HIV tests, each costing around 350 dollars. Total of $2,100+ per patient. First of all, there are several PCR tests around, and none of this is covered by insurance, so which PCR test will they believe? And who's going to pay for it? The ozone doctors are financially strapped, and the AIDS patients have already spent their savings on hospitals, doctors and drugs like AZT, DDI, and etcetera. There were also no PCR tests commonly available back when the patients we brought in first tested HIV positive, so having PCR's on them was an impossible requirement! Also, many of the patents on ozone therapy are now
in the public domain, so no pharmaceutical company will support research.

3. They told us, via their announcement that they will not consider ozone unless we met the new PCR requirements, that the HIV virus is the ONLY thing to look for. Nowhere has it ever been proven that the HIV virus is the only definitive cause of AIDS; it was simply announced one day in the media as a probable cause. Dr. Gallo's work "HIV causes AIDS" was proven fraudulent. According to the latest international AIDS conference held in Amsterdam (1992), people die from AIDS who never test positive for HIV! The virus is probably only a promoter or possibly a co-factor of the disease. So why judge
ozone's effectiveness upon the presence or absence of a possibly non-essential virus? Why ignore the most significant facts proving complete eradication of all secondary diseases and symptoms? This is a far more compelling test of whether or not to immediately begin research into ozone, if those who suffer can have their suffering eliminated, whether or not they test
"PCR negative."

Comment: What about the quality of their life since ozone all by itself? The way the Center For Disease Control has decided to officially classify if someone has AIDS or not tells the story. They look for the presence of several "hallmark" diseases all occurring at once. Both patients that we brought in had
completely eliminated their secondary infections and any clinical symptoms. Therefore by definition, besides testing HIV negative, they no longer had AIDS according to CDC guidelines! The real live people with their medical records and blood tests were sitting right in front of the NIH employees - yet they
could not see. Or they chose not to see. Let's hope more practical thinking will win out in the end.

Just so you understand medical ozone in the proper treatment of AIDS, a few shots of medical ozone are not going to be magic bullets. Successful ozone AIDS treatment has always been 2 to 5 hours a day of a number of oxidative and other therapies for three to six weeks in a row, depending upon the particular aggregate methods employed. These methods are always combined with lifestyle changes, proper diet, eliminative organ cleansing, a spiritual or moral balance to help eliminate denial of self, and the inclusion of an immune system rebuilding regimen.

6 U.S. doctors have reported to me over 200 people turning HIV negative. I also have video interview proof that this therapy is remarkably effective on cancer and even diseases like multiple sclerosis. As a society we should look in the
direction of ozone soon, instead of watching more die needlessly as we continue chasing the old ways that obviously don't work.

1992 Sept "Research and Development Bulletin" No. 234 Science and Technology section of the Canadian Government's Supply and Services Dept publishes "Better Blood Sterilization With Ozone." "Under a $303,943 contract with the Surgeon General's Branch of Department of National Defence [DND] Headquarters, researchers from the National Reference Laboratory at the CRCS are investigating two ozone sterilization technologies to confirm
their reported efficacy in deactivating a variety of potential viral contaminants in blood, including HIV-1 and hepatitis... In Europe an estimated 350,000 people were treated with ozone between 1980 and 1985. The University of Bonn reviewed these cases and reported virtually no side effects of ozone therapy
when properly administered... 'The products of this research have worldwide applications,' says DND's Capt. Shannon. 'In the right concentration, ozone sounds almost too good to be true. We're trying not to be overly enthusiastic, but the data so far is very compelling.'"

1992 Acta-Chir-Plast. 1992; 34(3): 182-4 "The use of ozonotherapy in nose correction operations" Kawalski, H. Sondej J., Cierpiol Tracz E. Positive results of application of ozonotherapy in rhinoplasty are described. 25 patients were
administered ozone intravenously for 3 days prior to operation and days post-operatively, resulting in a significant reduction in post-operative complications duration as compared with the control group consisting of 20 patients who were not administered ozonotherapy. - From Medline

1992 Sep Medical Hypothesis. 1992 Sep; 39(1): 30-4 "Ozonation of blood for the therapy of viral diseases and immunodeficiencies. A hypothesis." By V. Bocci. In the last three decades major ozone autohemotherapy has been used in Europe in uncontrolled trials carried out in patients with many illnesses, particularly chronic viral diseases and neoplasms. It appears that the treatment may activate the host's immune system by inducing the production of immunoactive cytokines, and it may now be possible to rationalize the procedure, improve the regimen and assess the outcome... Once this is done, owing to the large range of medical applications and the simplicity of
the procedure, autohemotherapy could become very valuable particularly in undeveloped countries. - From Medline

1992 Oct Pol-Tyg-Lek 1992 Oct 19-26; 47(42-43): 964-6 (Non English Polish Medical Journal) "Clinical assessment of treatment results for Atherosclerotic ischemia of the lower extremities with intraarterial ozone injections" Seven Polish researchers gave 10 injections of O3 into the femoral arteries of 50 patients with atherosclerotic ischemia of the lower extremities and to 49 diabetic patients. "The treatment showed a significant improvement in both groups... The treatment with O3 is both valuable and safe." - From Medline

1992 Dec Aids Patient Care Magazine publishes in Vol. 6 No. 6 "Point Of View: A Case For Ozone Therapy" by Ed McCabe. This was a reprint of Mr. McCabe's testimony before the NIH Office of Unconventional Medicine. "I have interviewed six U.S. M.D.'s who, independent of each other, have collectively reported
bringing over 300 AIDS patients to HIV negative status (confirmation with Western Blot, ELISA, and PCR), including complete eradication of any secondary disease factors such as energy loss, weight loss, diarrhea, etc."

1993 Feb Dr. Simi Khanna MBBS;DHOM publishes "Ozone-Oxygen Therapy, Treatment at Last" from her office in the suburbs of London, England. She indicates 31 common disease conditions routinely treated by ozone. She discovered "'magical' Ozone-Oxygen therapy" (her words) after it personally brought her back from the brink of death - four and a half months of fever,
sleepless, itching-rash, swollen and painful joints, rapid weight loss, after nothing else worked (two hospitals and 112 different medical tests).

1993 April Journal Of The Canadian Medical Association - Medical Science News (Can Med Assoc J 1993; 148(7) pg 1155) "Are Worry Free Transfusions Just A Whiff of Ozone Away?" by Albert C Baggs, BSc. "Scientists in the U.S. and Canada are investigating the use of ozone to destroy the HIV virus, the hepatitis and herpes viruses and other infectious agents in the blood used for
transfusion. The studies were endorsed by medical circles of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) because of a concern that viral pandemics have compromised the ability of world blood banks to meet urgent and heavy military demands." "...In a brief to the NATO Blood Committee the surgeon general of the Canadian Armed Forces reported upon Canadian findings that ...a 3 minute ozonation of serum spiked with one million HIV-1 particles per
millilitre would achieve virtually 100% viral inactivation. It was also found that the procedure would destroy several other lipid-encapsulated viruses, including simian immunodeficiency virus and various strains of interest to veterinarians." The journal report described the work of Mueller Medical and
Medizone International.

1993 May American Surgery Journal 59(5): 297-303 "Irrigation of the abdominal cavity in the treatment of experimentally induced microbial peritonitis: efficacy of ozonated saline." Nine researchers implanted gel capsules of fecal slurry into the peritoneal cavities of rats. "Ozonated saline statistically proved the most effective irrigating solution for reducing abscess formation in survivors."

1993 May H. D. Wolfsteadter, Berlin MD publishes "Ozone Therapy" under the auspices of the International AIDS Society - Natural Alternative Traditional Complementary Medicine. NATC of the IAS."... the more recent results in viral research, especially the results of the in-vitro experiments on 'retro-viruses' and activating effects on the immune system, will make ozone therapy an interesting subject of modern research in the foreseeable future. There is unanimity in recognizing an urgent need for clinical clarification of the effectiveness of ozone therapy based on the claimed indications."

1993 June 2, 1993 Headline: Medizone's Blood Decontamination Technology Proven Successful In Canadian Monkey Trial. Still trying to inch their way through the system, Medizone announces its successful trials on monkeys. This was one of the requirements imposed last August when McCabe/Bedell/Latino et. al. met with Dr. Fauci at the NIH. Dr. Fauci said "Why can't you do a simple monkey trial?" So Medizone did, and now they are announcing the successful completion of the first two phases of a Canadian research project overseen by scientists representing the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Departments of Defense and Agriculture, Cornell University Veterinarian Medical College and Medizone Canada Ltd.

Two groups of monkeys were infused with plasma infected with highly virulent strains of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (monkey equivalent of HIV). The first group died within 12 days. The second group's infected plasma was first infused with ozone through Medizone's process. None of the second group showed any sign of infection.

Dr. Latino, Medizone's president stated; "These preliminary research results indicate the capability of Medizone's patented scientific and technological process to inactivate blood and blood products of certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS virus."

Including the above monkey trial, Medizone has so far submitted to the FDA all the following data:

1. Long Island College of Pharmacy rabbit study showing no toxicity at concentrations up to 10 times the dose proposed in man.
2. Cornell University Veterinary College feline study showing no detectable toxic effects.
3. The Hematology Journal HIV inactivation study showing 100% inactivation.
4. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York revealing hemolysis and coagulation changes well within the standard for reinfusion of packed human blood.

The FDA still won't allow human testing or admit there is any scientific proof of ozone's efficacy.

1993 Aug-Sept International Ozone Association holds Eleventh Ozone World Congress & Exhibition August 29 to September 3rd, 1993 in San Francisco. Tours were given of 9 San Francisco water treatment plants using ozone, booths of industrial ozone manufacturers were perused, plus the two day medical ozone meeting was well attended by participating doctors from all over
the world.

Comment: O3OHATOP - That's ozone in Russian. The meeting plainly
demonstrated to us that even the Russians have more health freedom than we do.

Dr. Claudia Koscherkova, head of research & development at the Nisnerokinov Medical Institute is presently treating 39 arthereosclerosis patients with ozone. He and C.N. Kontorschikova M.D., Head of Central Research, and especially
Sergi P. Peretyagin M.D., Manager of the research center (he's the father of modern Russian ozone usage), and others are using medical ozone on babies, animals, adults, and even gunshot wounds! They have four major medical ozone treatment centers in their largest cities; Nezhni Novgorod, Ivanovo, Kirov, and Smolenskj, plus others in the Baltic Republics.

They are also using ozone inhalation therapy - a 1-4 mcg/ml concentration of ozone is humidified by ultrasound and inhaled, and pioneering a recirculatory extracorporeal ozonation of human blood for up to 1 1/2 hours at a low concentration of 1 1/2 to 2 micrograms per milliliter technique.

Over 120 Russian M.D.'s have, over the past six years, treated thousands of people with ozone! Because of the rampant greed of our drug companies who influence all levels of our society to suppress ozone, ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES ARE REALLY SHOWING U.S. UP!

The Russian MD's I met at IOA were kind enough to lend me a copy of their video. I secured a good copy of it -a 20 minute explanatory medical ozone video (in English). They have many innovative techniques, and you can now order your own copy of it through "The Family News."

Also at the IOA conference, the IOA held tours of local ozone water treatment plants, and had three days of presenting papers on ozone municipal drinking water treatment plants, the newest industrial ozone generation methods, waste water treatment plants, ozone used in the pulp and paper and cooling/process industries, in swimming pools and municipal aquariums,
groundwater treatment, and its biological effects.

The conference wound up with two days of medical presentations on completed and ongoing ozone medical studies - done mostly outside of the United States due to U.S. political pressures. Here's a synopsis and list of the topics covered showing doctors' successes with medical ozone therapy.

Dr. John Greenburg, On the University of Heidelberg School of Medicine staff, & working w/Horst Kief presented the results of his work on the microscopical examination of whole blood (5cc's blood, 15cc's ozone) after exposure to ozone, establishing that it is safe if used within the accepted parameters, generally less than 80 mcg/ml concentration.

Dr. Michael Carpendale, San Francisco, CA VA Hospital was honored for his research work and for helping to put on this year's meeting. His talk, "Ozone, HIV & AIDS" "Ozone inactivates HIV at concentrations non toxic to blood cells. In
saline .4 ug/ml. In serum 4.0 ug/ml. In blood 50 ug/ml. Ozone is an incredibly safe drug, ...increases oxygen between cells increases vaso dilation and perfusion ...increases cellular membrane permeability ... T4 cell best marker to use." And, "VA hospital in Florida treated a referred patient with rectal
ozone, his mother states it cured his cryptosporidium diarrhea."

Doctor Frank Shallenberger reported using IV ozone therapy via infusion pumps set at 100cc's per hour going into a pickline. He suggests freshly refilled multiple 10cc syringes instead of one large syringe so the ozone doesn't degrade in the syringe over time. He noted that the body's antioxidant reaction sets in within 5 to 6 days.

Doctor Wong, University of Havana head of ozone therapy in their medical research center. Using ozone on arthritis, cardiopathy, endophlebitis, etc.

Dr. Bernie Kershbaum, Philadelphia, PA was elected head of the IOA Pan American Medical Group, a for MD's only organization. The next IOA meeting would be May 12th, 1995 in France. They are calling for new papers.

The Vice President of the German Society for Ozone, Dr. Hartmut Baltin reported he's treating AIDS patients in a study in his vascular clinic.

The Italians are using a veterinary technique of infusing 2 liters of horse blood with 15 mcg/ml ozone and reinfusing it into the horse.

Also reporting on ozone trials at IOA were:

Occlusive lower limb arterial disease - O. Rokitansky, J.
Washuttl and L. Groger - Austria
Occlusive lower limb arterial disease - R. Mattassi - Italy
Immune monitoring - H Baltin - Germany
Artherosclerosis - N. Zhulina, C. Kontorschikova and N. Morozova
- Russia
Cardiopathology - F. Hernandez et al - Cuba
Hypoxic states - S. Peretyagin - Russia
Hypoxic impairments - C. Kontorschikova - Russia
Myocardium fractals - A. Gavrilushkin, S. Peretyagin and O.
Birjukova - Russia
Chelation - M. Foster - U.S.A.
Diverse Pathology - G. Glady - France
Dermatology - S. L. Krivatkin - Russia
Staph - T. Shimoyama et. al. Japan
Sickle Cell Anemia - M. Gomez et. al. - Cuba
Ozone produced auto vaccine - J. Greenberg - Germany
Rheumatic diseases - Z. Fahmy - Germany
Catostrophic injured children - S. N. Gorbunov et. al. - Russia
Rectal Insufflation of Rats study - S. Mendez et. al. - Cuba
Genetics - E. Prieto et al - Cuba
Anaesthetized horses - P. Scrollavezza et. al. - Italy
Optic Nerve disfunction - R. Santiesteban et. al. - Cuba
Cerebro vascular accident - E. Devesa - Cuba
Senile Dementia - M.M. Rodriguez et. al. - Cuba
Malignant disease - H. Kief - Germany
Breast cancer - R. Dallaglio et. al. - Italy
Neurodermatitis - H. Kief - Germany
Digestive System - M. Noa - Cuba
Germ free lab animals - J.M. Mirabal et. al. - Cuba

Quoting Seigfried Rilling, the President Of the German Medical Society for Ozone in his talk on the Germany History of European Ozone, "...Ozone only serves Humanity"

Comment: And the FDA official told a congressman there is no proof of medical applications. Why aren't the U.S. doctors a majority of this list - instead of being forced to hide their work in basements and back rooms?

1993 Sept 2, World premier of Canadian 1/2 hour video "Ozone and The Politics of Medicine" by Geoff Rogers and Riener Diedrau at the IOA meeting. Video subsequently shown in LA, New York, Salt Lake and other health shows.

Comment: Video demonstrates through their own words, the arrogant ignorance of the establishment, and the valiant efforts of the ozone researchers and pioneers.

1993 Sept 8th, Medizone Int'l NYC announces co-project with Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Scientific Society for Oxygen-Ozone Therapy to treat AIDS and Hepatitis-B patients with Medizone's thin film delivery technology. Patients will undergo a one hour treatment on alternate days, during a twelve week trial.

1993 Sept 25 Dr. Gerard V. Sunnen, M.D. writes his "Addendum To 'Ozone In Medicine'; Possible Mechanisms Of Viral Inactivation By Ozone" He details the chemical pathways by which ozone has its effectiveness.

1994 Jan 20th Medical Tribune - Research News - Headline: "Oxygen plus ozone mixture can inactivate HIV in vitro" article by Nathan Horowitz describes upcoming Medizone Phase 1 clinical trials at several research sites in Italy. 300 patients with HIV infection or hepatitis-B will be randomized to treated or
control groups and studied during three months of dosing and nine months of follow up. For 12 weeks 300 cc's of blood will be withdrawn and ozonated and returned to the patient every other day. "Dr Latino's preliminary data are very interesting," said Mark Cohen, Ph.D., a professor of medicine at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport. "His studies show that ozone really is capable of killing HIV."

1994 March 25, Dallas, Texas is the site of the IBOM International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation's 5th annual meeting. Phone 405/691-1452. MD's from all over the world highlighted their own work successfully using ozone and/or
hydrogen peroxide and other oxidative compounds in medicine, and attending special educational workshops. Among the papers presented were:

"Sponteneity of Oxidation in Nature" Majid Ali, MD
"Ozone in Medicine" Frank Shallenberger MD

"Hydrogen Peroxide and Free Radicals" Charles H. Farr MD Ph.D.

"Complex Oxidative Compounds" George Freibott ND

"Experiences in the further Treatment of AIDS, Cancer and Chemical Toxicity/Hypersensitivity Using Bio-Oxidative and Nutritional Therapies" Robert Allen MBBS (Australia)

"The Cause of All Disease from a Wholistic Perspective" Ed McCabe

"Oxidative Therapy and the Answer to AIDS" Robert Willner MD, Ph.D

"AIDS, Immunology and Ozone" Frank Shallenberger, MD

"Experiences With Medical Ozone" Stanley W. Beyrle, N.M.D.

"Ozone May Inactivate HIV by Reducing p120-CD4 Binding Affinity, Lysing the HIV Lipid Envelope, and Oxidizing the HIV core" Oscar K. M. Hsu (Harvard)

WARNING! 1994 April WARNING! Researcher interviews EPA (Phone
800/241-1754, 800/444-7255, 800/447-6349) official in charge of efficacy data and microbial studies, Zigfridas Vaituzis, who shockingly reveals that as of this date all government "AIDS" statistics are still only for HIV-1! Same goes for all blood bank testing! HIV-2, HIV-3 and other forms, possibly up to 10 in
number (HIV-O in France) are not tested for or compiled in the statistics quoted by the government and announced over and over in the media! We are therefore told of far fewer persons having AIDS than the actual statistics reveal actually have AIDS, and the blood banks have routinely been giving out blood infected with the other forms of HIV!

When you go get a HIV test, they only look for HIV-1! Forget what the nurses at the blood banks believe and tell you. Ask them to go and physically get one of the actual HIV blood screening test kits and read to you the instructions printed on them, they are only for HIV-1. The doctor or patient must request screening beyond HIV-1!

As of June 1, 1994 they will recognize HIV-2. Some blood banks are already testing for HIV-2.

Comment: Through political deception we are told all is well, while the stored transfusion blood remains untested and therefore unsafe, and the statistics are grossly understated! What is the real political agenda? It sounds anti-life, anti-people, doesn't it? If you were in a car accident and woke up with a blood bag going into you, don't you have a right to know that it is not HIV-2, HIV-3, etc, infected? Ozone bubbled through all stored blood would solve this problem immediately. Makes you wonder if some alien power has seized control of the
inner workings of our government. They certainly don't represent me or any of my friends, or you or yours either, do they?

1994 April Before the above conversations with the CDC, their AIDS reference computerized National AIDS Information and Education Program - CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse databank had a synopsis of the story where Ed McCabe had testified before the NIH in 1992 about the effectiveness of ozone therapy. The story had subsequently been printed in the "Washington Post" Health section, 06/23/94, page 8. by David Brown. One week after the above conversations, all references of Mr. McCabe's testimony and the resulting Washington Post newspaper story had completely disappeared from the CDC computer. Around 4/7/94. The database is privately owned by Information Inc., Behesda, MD

Comment: The control of information is the consolidation of power. The high priests want to stay in power, and don't care if it kills you.

Mr. McCabe's oxygen therapies series of books, tapes and videos, and A FREE COPY OF A NEWSLETTER are available at 1-800-284-6261, or International call U.S. 305-759-8710, or write: The Family News 9845 N.E. 2nd Ave. Miami Shores, FL 33138 U.S.A. A much more detailed bound and printed version of this reference listing, with embedded comments by Ed McCabe is available from The Family News as a publication.

At the urging of many in our oxygen family, The Not For Profit "Foundation For The Advancement of Oxygen Therapies" has finally been formed. Our stated purpose: We are bringing our case to the public by educating them that oxygen supplements, therapies and related activities are historically inexpensive, safe, and proven effective when used as directed by competently trained healthcare
professionals. We are using education, the media, and soon, with your help, aggressive research as proof to silence whomever postures against oxygen, your very right to life itself.

While America dies of AIDS, Tuberculosis and a host of other diseases, and the FDA stands before Congress and declares as truth that "there is no evidence that ozone has any medical benefit," and Congressmen say we should "imprison anyone who promotes or uses ozone for 25 years as a felon," and doctors curing diseases are railroaded into prison, and homes are broken into by government agents seizing ozone machines, things have gone way too far. They are referring to us. You and me and our friends. Won't you please become a contributing member by joining the foundation today? Thanks, and Happy Oxygen!


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